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storage tank2000l pressure tank active carbon filter tank
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storage tank2000l pressure tank active carbon filter tank

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3/8 Brine Line Tubing Connection to your Fleck Valve.The Greensand Filter comes with the Pot-Perm tank that is used to hold the Potassium Permanganate solution that the system requires when it regenerate.The system will suck from 2 to 4 ounces of this solution every time it regenerates.You will need 5 pounds to start up the system.Reviews 287COMMERCIAL ACTIVATED CARBON WATER FILTERS - PacificCommercial Granular Activated Carbon Water Filters ( GAC ) are designed for outstanding performance,and are ideal for removing chlorine,organics,chloramines,colours,odour,THMs and Volatile Organic Compunds ( VOCs ) from water.They are cost effective and reliable.Our Commercial GAC Activated Carbon Water Filters are available in a range

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I simple put the tank before the DI canisters and MOST IMPORTANTLY added an activated carbon finishing filter.I didn't need the tank because I built a 400 GPD Tankless system but there's a drop in pressure for the first 15 seconds as the automatic flush valve activates.Now I've got full pressure from the start and it still tastes great!

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